Tooth staining/discoloration occurs due to the adhesion of pigments contained in food and other products, as well as tobacco stains, or discoloration due to aging.
At our clinic, we whiten teeth and make them more attractive without unnecessary scraping of the teeth or extraction of nerves.

Chemicals used and their effects

Chemicals used

The products we use for whitening are currently approved in Japan. Hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide are adjusted to a mildly acidic formulation. Urea peroxide triggers a chemical reaction that makes the surface of the teeth white and shiny.

Effects and post-care

While results may vary from person to person, generally the teeth will whiten after a few treatments. Pigments may adhere to the surface of the teeth due to subsequent lifestyle habits (indulging in coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.), but we perform after-care cleaning. For details, contact the clinic director or a staff member. Refresh your appearance and outlook with beautiful white teeth!

The treatment flow

1. Counseling/checkup

We look at your teeth together in a mirror to determine which ones are stained. The key here is to identify which are natural teeth and which are artificial, and to find staining and potential cavities.
- We show you a set of swatches to determine how white you want to make your teeth.
- At this time, we provide a general explanation of how to clean them, how many sessions you will need, and the cost.

2. Removal of tartar and plaque

Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned using various implements, mainly in areas that are difficult to brush, such as the space between teeth, the backside/inner side of teeth, and the space between teeth and gums.

3. Whitening

After the surface of the teeth is cleaned, the whitening agent is applied and allowed to sit to trigger a reaction. There is no pain or discomfort associated with this. Once the reaction is complete, we clean the teeth and that concludes the process. This takes about 10-15 minutes per session and is repeated until the teeth whiten.
*During whitening treatments, we aim to perform treatment directly with the fingertips in order to better feel for issues in the mouth, so we thoroughly sterilize our hands before working with each patient and do not reuse gloves.

4. Post-treatment

Once your teeth are clean, your artificial teeth are given a restoration to make them look new again. After that, we follow up with thorough maintenance and care to ensure they look and feel right.

Price List(with TAX)


6 teeth per once
3,000 JPY