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At Hanafusa Dental Clinic, we take maintaining and caring for your natural teeth seriously. We aim for a stress-free fit to your teeth with a focus on total oral balance and helping you keep your real teeth. We also emphasize informed consent (explaining our treatment policies and approaches in clear, understandable terms, and proceeding with treatment only after the patient is satisfied with the explanation).

Hanafusa Dental Clinic

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Health insurance coverage in Japan

In Japan, those approved for a period of stay longer than three months and who have registered as residents must enroll in national health insurance.
Under national health insurance coverage, patients receive treatment with a small co-pay (up to 30% of treatment costs), but this treatment is limited to the minimum necessary to relieve pain and allow mastication (chewing).
You can also elect for out-of-pocket treatment without national health insurance, which aims for the ideal treatment with excellent durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Please contact us for further details.