Clinic introduction

At Hanafusa Dental Clinic, we take maintaining and caring for your natural teeth seriously.


Please take the stairs on the left as you face the clinic. The first floor is for patients with wheelchairs or other mobility issues.

Waiting room

The waiting room is stocked with magazines and other reading materials.

Treatment room

Treatment takes place in a bright and clean examination room.

Private rooms

We also offer private rooms in which you and your child can receive treatment away from others. (Note that private rooms may not be available at all times)

1st floor examination room

The first floor is accessible to those with wheelchairs. *

Kids’ space

We also offer a play space for your children. You can feel at ease bringing them to the clinic and knowing they'll have a place to play.

Parking Lot 2

If the parking lot in front of the clinic is full, please use the second parking lot.

From our team

We aim to give clear explanations and value communication with our patients. Please feel free to contact us for all your oral health needs.


Clinic name Hanafusa Dental Clinic
Address 3-13, Fukuhamanishimachi, Minami-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
Contact address 086-265-6481
Director name HANAFUSA Hidetaka
Highest education attained and year of graduation Asahi University Department of Dentistry, 1989
Career history First Section of Oral Surgery (Reconstructive), Okayama University Hospital Dental Department 1989 to May 1993
Opening year 1993