Some conditions may require multiple treatments if they are allowed to worsen, so we encourage you to pursue early treatment.

The cavity treatment process

Small cavities (C1, C2)

The area can be partially scraped and filled, or a mold can be cast to insert a partial tooth.

Insured treatment: 6,000 JPY
Out-of-pocket treatment: from 40,000 JPY

Moderate tooth decay (C3)

The nerves are removed (root canal) and crown restoration is performed.

Insured treatment: 10,000 JPY (Metal crowns)
Out-of-pocket treatment: 80,000 JPY (Ceramic)

Severe tooth decay (C4)

The teeth are extracted and bridges are made from the teeth in front and behind them.

Insured treatment: 20,000 JPY (Dentures)
Out-of-pocket treatment: from 120,000 JPY

1. Zirconia ceramic bridge 80,000 JPY *3 teeth
2. Implant treatment 390,000 JPY (Artificial tooth root)
Implant post 60,000 JPY
3. Artificial teeth 80,000 JPY (recommended, as they do not affect the teeth around them)
*The process consists of an implant (artificial tooth root) + a post + the artificial tooth.

Non-cavity treatments

Teeth whitening (out-of-pocket)
12,000 JPY per session for 6 teeth, from canine on one side to canine on opposite side
*This requires multiple sessions of treatment.

Brushing for oral maintenance
Insured treatment: 5,000 JPY
Out-of-pocket treatment: from 20,000 JPY